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Perspective can not only be the "way" we see life, it can be the way we "choose" to see life!

 Robert Anthony

Revised: 11-15-14

Welcome to "". My book "Perspective Shift Therapy" is now available at the Kindle Store! Within the next few months an e-copy will also be available at the Barnes & Noble Nook Store, and the hard copies will be available on, Barnes &

Feel free to save this page to your favorites, or bookmark it, to enable you to review the next five pages in your spare time. They contain a lot of free information that can help you to understand what Perspective Shift Therapy is and the theory behind it before you purchase the book. If you have any questions, I can be reached at

It takes 6-8 weeks for the hard copies to get through the process of becoming available at brick an mortar stores. I will update this site when they are available. I will make the book available through It only takes about a week to publish and be available on But for Barnes & for the hard copies, and for Nook it may take as much as 6-8 weeks. I will include links to Kindle, Amazon, and Nook of this book on the "PST Book" page as soon as it's ready. 

It is always helpful to know what you are working with when it comes to changing your perspective. Things like:  1. What makes up our perspective in the first place? 2. How did it get to be what it is? 3. When do we need to change our perspective? 4. How do we change it to be what we want it to be or to what it needs to be to adapt to life? 5. Why do we need to change our perspective at will? I can answer these questions on this site; however, because our perspective is so complex, it really requires a small book for me to explain these new concepts in ways that will help you decide which perspective you wish to have, and then enable you to know how to change it.

On the following pages I will answer each one of these questions briefly to help you see how beneficial choosing your perspective can be and some basics on how to do this. But my book "Perspective Shift Therapy" will go in to detail on answering these questions. It will also give you a lot more information specifically related to changing your perspective to be what you wish it to be or to what it needs to be to efficiently manage life. Then you will know how to change it at will to improve your coping skills and quality of life. Not in just one area, but you will know how to improve the quality of your life overall!


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